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Stained Glass in Charlotte, NC


Stained Glass Charlotte, NC
As the leading local glass studio, Shed Brand Studio has provided premier glass products throughout the Charlotte, NC and Raleigh, NC areas for more than 40 years. Founded in a sheep shed in 1969, we have mastered the artisan craft of glasswork, and we proudly offer unique stained glass, custom doors, windows, church glass, and more.


Custom Doors Raleigh, NC
Our studio offers product demonstrations as well as glass classes to those who are interested in learning more about glass production and artistry. We produce custom glass pieces as well as offer 300 stock door options. When you choose Shed Brand Studio for your glass needs, you’ll gain access to our available 7,800 colors and 200 clear textures. We can bring your vision to life. 


Church Windows Charlotte, NC

The finest custom doors and windows from Raleigh to Charlotte.

You won’t find finer custom doors and windows anywhere else in North Carolina than you will at Shed Brand Studio. We create traditional and modern designs that can fit any aesthetic. Our door styles include everything from French doors to Western/Santa Fe doors and so much more. Our glass artisans can create a variety of fused glass objects, from tiles to custom designs to jewelry. If you’re looking for elegance, style and personality, you’ll find it with Shed Brand Studio.
We can custom design a glass piece to suit your needs. Our installers have more than 18 years of experience. Contact us today to discuss your project idea with our artisans. 

Door Panels
Entryway Glass 
Fused Glass 
Stained Glass
Textured Panels
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